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Welcome to Omega Enterprises

Omega Enterprises is the largest exporters of fresh, live and frozen seafood from Pakistan with the best quality control and most experienced processing teams in the region.

The factory is situated in the vicinity of Fishing Port and central Fish Market of Karachi. The residing sea to Karachi is Arabian Sea, from where our focal seafood products are netted and then further processed and packed under the supervision of our independent quality control staff to ensure that our customers receives and completely satisfy with end products.

We export and have very good business relationships with countries all over the world and mainly to the countries like China, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, U.S.A., Canada, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Japan, Turkey and Singapore.

Our product line includes all the products from fresh, live and frozen seafood with our expertise in Ribbon fish, Silver Croaker fish, Tiger Tooth Croaker fish, Yellow Croaker fish, Conger Eel fish, Cuttle fish, Grey Mullet, Indian Mackerel, Jelly fish, JTB, Leather Jacket fish, Razor Clam, Top Shell, Stingray, Black Pomfret, Silver Pomfret, Chinese Pomfret, Red Snapper and Blue Swimming Crab.

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